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EVO Kit Sport

The EVO-Kit Sport is a powerhouse that, like all of our EVO kits, uses the TSDZ22020 as a base.

Here, 82 Nm torque is available as maximum performance, which the torque sensor provides when it is needed.

Anker 1

The left side consists of a hexagonal printed cover that protects the electronic unit and the electric motor. This also accommodates the torque lock, which was developed in such a way that, with the help of a groove in the bottom bracket and our CNC counterpart, the frame and motor form a torsion-proof and rigid unit after the nut has been tightened. There is no need for additional support and it can also be installed in more complicated full-suspension bikes.


The discreet display provides all the necessary information such as mileage/daily distance/speed and battery status without being bulky on the handlebars. The cabling is also thickly sheathed and all connectors are of course waterproof.

Support levels in %:

Economy: 10%     Tours: 100%     Sports: 200%     turbo: 340%

The support switches off at 25 km/h in accordance with German law to be a pedelec and therefore insurance-free.


Installation width: 68-73 mm


With the EVO-Kit Sport, an extension of the axle made of hardened steel is installed to compensate for the offset of the TSDZ22020 and to meet the increased demands.

All EVO kits are provided with LiquiMoly special grease to ensure permanent ease of movement. LiquiMoly screw lock for assembly is included.

Please note that some freeride or DH bikes have an ISCG chain guide mount. This must be removed mechanically by machining before installation.

If you need help here, just contact us. We would be happy to advise you or do the work ourselves.

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