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Well thought-out products for
eBike conversions in a class of their own

eBike Conversion Kits for almost every bike -  

High compatibility

Sophisticated, simple and quick installation

Developed in Germany -

Many parts "made in Germany"

3D printing technology of the next generation - 

carbon fiber composite material

Anker 1

What is Jibheadz?

Based in the tranquil Teutoburg Forest, we have set ourselves the goal of building the right eBike for everyone.


For this purpose, the technical planning and development of our EVO kits took place first.

These are the basis for all eBike conversions we carry out.

_DSC4436 1.jpg

Why Jibheadz?

With our EVO kits, there are hardly any limits to creativity.

Our in-house 3D printing department, in which we manufacture the individual carbon parts,

allows us to quickly and flexibly manufacture almost all the parts we need ourselves.

High compatibility

Thanks to the well thought-out assembly, the EVO kits fit almost all bikes with a 68/73 mm bottom bracket -  

Whether hardtail or full suspension

Key data EVO kits

- 82 Nm maximum torque

- Less than 4kg in weight

- Many carbon composite components

- Simple and well thought-out assembly

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