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Who or What is Jibheadz?

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Based in the tranquil Teutoburg Forest, we have set ourselves the goal of making affordable e-mobility possible for everyone.

The first step was the technical planning and development of a motor (conversion kit), which we are now proud to present as an EVO kit.

This can easily be mounted on almost any existing bike and converts it with a slim, powerful design

and low weight into a genuine mid-motor eBike (Pedelec).


It doesn't matter whether it should be your sweetheart from the garage, which is given an electric soul with a 82 Nm strong motor


Or a completely individual e-mountain bike


With our EVO kits, there are almost no limits to creativity.

Our in-house 3D printing department, where we manufacture the individual carbon parts,

allows us to quickly and flexibly manufacture almost any required part ourselves.


We offer both our do-it-yourself EVO kits and a full installation service.

Here, the existing two-wheeler is checked first and then a cost estimate is created.

our mission

We have made it our mission  to save all the beloved darlings of the bicycle world from being exchanged for a new eBike and the resulting end on the scrap yard.

In addition, our eBike conversions and bodies leave a significantly lower CO2 footprint than completely new eBikes.  

Our goal is to upcycle used bikes in good condition into high-quality, modern eBikes of the year 2022 - for a fraction of the money that a high-quality eBike costs today.

In short, we want to make electric mobility possible for everyone and at the same time help our planet. That's why we only use sustainably produced and disposable raw materials for our 3D printing processes.

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